Cheese Larders

Cheese Larders

The Concept

In the 17th Century cheese larders came to the forefront, before the invention of the fridge, when all cheese was stored at room temperature.
Many cheeses are produced today in the same way as they were at this time with no change in the development process.
Fridges are perfect for extending the shelf-life of many food goods, however are less suitable to most cheeses.
Storing your cheese in the fridge can make it rock-hard and tasteless.
The key to maintaining the flavour of cheese is to keep it aired, at just below room temperature, and protected against unwanted insects.
Our cheese larders are the perfect solution.

Available in three different sizes;

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Cheese Larder - Small
Ideal larder for smaller and minimalistic kitchens with a minimal countertop impact due to the 18cm ..
Ex VAT: £20.83
Cheese Larder - Medium
Still ideal larder for minimalistic kitchens but provides an additional shelf for 33% more storage s..
Ex VAT: £29.16
Cheese Larder - Large
Ideal larder for those with more space and larger families, two large removable shelves also act as ..
Ex VAT: £41.66


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